Earn from youtube, Step by step guide for creating professional youtube videos

Millions of youtubers are earning handsomely from YouTube through advertisement revenues by monetizing their videos which adds a decent steam to their current income. Ever wondered how they are producing such a high quality professional videos for their tutorials, how to guides ?

Earn from youtube videoYou-tube

Professional story-telling has evolved a lot in recent times and taken a leap over from boring power-point presentations,  crappy voice-overs to high quality studio grade professional story telling with animated images and video-scribing, which takes the user experience to a new level and make them more engaging.

Good public presenters takes their viewers on a journey, which last them feeling inspired and motivated. But by proper structuring your story-telling flow and by keeping your presentation lucid and simple with appropriate animations helps you to keep your viewers engaged throughout,  which is very tricky with boring presentation.    
You’re doing story-telling, so you should exploit the emotional quotient of your viewers which is typically hardwired for natural eye pleasing content.

Deliver a presentation or a video which  captures the hearts of your viewer and get their head stuck with awww…

Lets begin with a case studies of some new youtubers like :

1. Young Entrepreneurs Forum





Points to note and some useful observations from these youtube channels :

1. The first thing you observe from these youtube channels is the presentation which makes them more engaging and cause them to stand class apart from the rest. The beautifully animated illustrations and the hand drawing effect make their videos more interesting.

There are several tools available to make such videos, we shall show you all the tools one by one.

Here comes the list :

1.1  Videoscribe :

Why we like videoscribe the most because it is the cheapest solution for creating professional grade youtube story-telling videos in couples of minutes without any need of technical expertise. Instead of using a dedicated studio for your video production, you can use your own room and PC to create jaw-dropping videos for the your viewers\ audiences.

It is very popular among the young youtubers which doesn’t have access to studio grade video processing tools and want to start with lower cost of production.


You will be surprised to know that these youtube channel showed quantum jump in their subscriptions in no time since their inception. You can compliment your video-presentation with voice overs for your stories and tutorial which will serve as a cherry on the top of your cake.

As recording direct audio (voice-over) using your integrated mic on your PC or laptop could be messy and full of noise.

Youtube videos is 70% audio, hence you should be cautious of your audio setup which could turn your potential subscriber off.

Hence, it is wise to invest on your audio setup also :

You can check our mic -setup recommendation for recording voice for your youtube videos:








All the best Youtubers, drop your queries in comments, we would be happy to help you to get started.