How to subscribe to an IPO using netbanking ?

Today i want to tell the process to subscribe an IPO just in case your current broker doesn’t have IPO subscription facility (e.g. Zerodha, rksv etc.) using your saving bank account with net banking facility :

Why you should subscribe to an IPO ?

Case 1 (2017 Blockbuster IPO )  Read full article : 102% Return on investment in less than 10 days

Case 2 (2016) : 2016 was a fabulous year for I-P-O Subscribers, it has given staggering returns on investment, much better than any other financial instrument.

Read full report on : 2016 IPO performance on glance

Things you need :

1. Internet Banking (HDFC,ICICI, SBI etc. )
2. DP id and Beneficiary ID (Available in broker terminal, registration form)

1. Login to your NetBanking account (HDFC , ICICI etc)

2. Click on the link placed at left side of menu “IPO Application” under Request section.
(Other banks will have an option for ASBA)

3. Select one of the I-P-Os you want to apply and preferably give bids at cut-off price just in case if I-P-O got oversubscribed you’ll still stand a chance for allocation through computerized lottery.

Enter your depository details.

Place and confirm your Order.

You would then be required to accept the “Terms & Conditions” before submitting the bid.
For example, Zerodha Demat details:

Depository Name: Zerodha Securities Pvt Ltd.
Depository Participant: CDSL
Demat Account number: DP ID+ Beneficiary ID

If your DP ID: 12081600 and Beneficiary ID: 12345678
So, client needs to mention combination of above IDs(16 digits): 1208160012345678

IPO Subscription

 [The Initial Public Offering subscription have market risk, please read the DHRP carefully before investing ]