Learn Python : Installation instructions on various platforms

This is a detailed instruction guide for Pycharm (Popular GUI Python IDE ) installation on various platforms :Lets start with Windows platform :Go to www.Py_thon.org to get the python interpreter for Pycharm and select "Windows" platform.Go for latest version download (in case you are not planning to work with older tutorials and [...]

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Earn from Stock Market : Make your savings seeds into Capital Trees

Friends,Today i want to share my story how i transformed myself from Software Engineer to successful investor and Day Trader who prefers to trade in equities (Read Shares [...]

Do you always end up with a BIG pile of work near deadlines ?

  Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. ~Parkinson's law[ Given by Sir C.N. Parkinson in 1955 in an opening line of an article [...]

DD News : RBI Panel briefs on Rs. 500 \ 1000 notes

  Rs. 500 & 1000 Notes [...]

Breaking the Market Buzz of Quess Corp IPO subscription

Quess Corporation, a Bangalore based recruitment, temporary staffing and IT professional firm hit the capital market today with Initial Public Offering (IPO) to raise a [...]


SIMPLE HARMONIC    MOTIONLet us start our journey by first understanding the following termsPeriodic motion: When an object moves such that it repeats its motion [...]

Generating MaTriX effect in Windows using command prompt : 2 minutes stuff

Hello folks, This small tutorial is to generate matrix effect in Windows in less than two minutes without installing any additional software or using complex programming \ [...]


WAVE OPTICSLight is the form energy with the help of which our eyes experiences the sensation of vision. In the chapter we are going to study different theories given by [...]