Learn Python : Installation instructions on various platforms

This is a detailed instruction guide for Pycharm (Popular GUI Python IDE ) installation on various platforms :

Lets start with Windows platform :

  1. Go to www.Py_thon.org to get the python interpreter for Pycharm and select “Windows” platform.

getting python

Go for latest version download (in case you are not planning to work with older tutorials and guides). But just to remind you though latest stable Python version and updates are available but still for practical applications it takes some time for industry to migrate and get accustomed with latest version. And the sad part is sometimes the latest python version is not backward compatible with syntax and libraries written in older version.

When i am writing this article, the available options are as shown below :

select python version

I have selected the 2.7.13 version for download which is compatible to the common libraries which i frequently use.

download python

You can choose to install only for a particular user or for all the users.

installing python

Select the installation directory for the python interpreter, make sure you choose appropriate path, some IDE use system’s environment variables to locate the Python interpreter folder. i recommend not to use too much deep installation path for interpreter, which is the main engine for your app, program or script.

install python program

And you are done with the Python installation on your machine.

You need to download latest JetBrains Pycharm and here better to have the latest version for better user experience. The Pycharm is backed by awesome community support in case you face any difficulties or challenges.

pycharm download

Launch the downloaded application.

downloaded pycharm in file

Step 1 :

installing pycharm

Step 2 : It will self extract and prepare for installation.

pycharm install steps

Accept the license agreement and you’re good to go.

pycharm agreement

For first time Pycharm install, you can use “Do not import settings” option as illustrated below

first import pycharm

Installation may take few minutes to complete. Once it is finish, just launch the Pycharm from the completion screen or launch it from installed program menu.

inatlled pycharm

Launch screen of Pycharm :

Awesome python pycharm

You can leave the offered settings as default, later you can change it as per your convenience.

pycharm configuration

Now it is time to create a first project in Python, but before creating new project you need to select the default interpreter which we installed in the first step.

python interpreter selection

Choose a project name and hit “create” button

create python project

Python will assist you via tips during start up (You can always disable the tips if required but i recommend to use it for using the IDE in better way )

pycharm tips for python

lets now create, first python file in our project. head to File menu, then new – Python File.

python hello world

We are ready to write our first program in Python (Hello world)

output of pycharm

You can view the output of the program in the Output pane (See Above)